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Coming up on Connections: Monday, October 5th


First hour: A look at gun confiscation in Australia, and a conversation about what it would look like here

Second hour: Grading the scientific prediction of Back to the Future 2 in our Monthly Science Roundtable

What does gun confiscation look like? In the wake of another mass shooting, the president (and many others) have invoked Australia's success in reducing gun violence. But Australia passed a confiscation plan -- not all guns, but most of the highest-powered. What would it look like if the United States tried something similar? Is there the political will? Do the pro-gun-control groups even want that? We'll also explore why the frequent refrain to stop future shootings through mental health screenings is essentially impossible. Our guests:

Colette Martin, Parents Against Gun Violence
Chris Edes, chairman of the local chapter of SCOPE

In our second hour, Back to the Future 2 took place in... October, 2015. It's our Monthly Science Roundtable, and we're examining the scientific predictions of that blockbuster film. Hoverboards? Video phones? Self-tying shoes? Our panel explores what Hollywood got right and wrong, and what might still be coming. In studio:

Tom Howard, professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Rochester
Steve Jacobs, director of the laboratory for technological literacy at RIT
Steve Manly, professor of physics at the University of Rochester