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Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, June 24th

First hour: Putting solar on houses

Second hour: The science of aging

We keep hearing about the benefits of using solar energy; so why don't we see more solar panels on homes? That could soon change, thanks to a new campaign aiming to "Solarize the Flower City." We'll discuss the ways that costs have come down, possible benefits, and what the average home needs in order to get solarized. Our guests:

Nancy Johns-Price, City of Rochester
Lane Young, O'Connell Electric
Susan Spencer, ROCSPOT
Dan Courtney, owner of home with solar

In our second hour, we go looking for the fountain of youth based on the latest research on aging. As the Rochester Museum and Science Center says, everybody wants to live a long and healthy life. Understanding the molecular mechanisms of longevity is of utmost importance because if we learn how to slow down aging, we will be able to delay the onset of of multiple age-related diseases. Cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer's disease are all the symptoms of aging; by delaying aging it will be possible to prevent or delay all of them by treating the cause rather than a symptom. Our guest will be speaking at RMSC Wednesday night as part of their Science on the Edge lecture series. In studio:

Vera Gorbunova, University of Rochester biology professor