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Connections: Is Climate Change the Great Filter?

In 1950, physicist Enrico Fermi famously asked, "Where is everybody?" He was talking about the nearly infinite sea of stars, but the lack of any evidence of other intelligence. Perhaps we can't see nearly far enough to find other civilizations. Or perhaps climate change is a phenomenon that happens on every planet that sees technological development.

University of Rochester astrophysicist Adam Frank posed that idea in a recent New York Times piece. He joins us to go down the rabbit hole: How likely is it that intelligent life exists elsewhere? Should we try to find it? What if it finds us? And what if climate change could threaten our future? 

Evan Dawson is the host of "Connections with Evan Dawson." He joined WXXI in January 2014 after working at 13WHAM-TV, where he served as morning news anchor. He was hired as a reporter for 13WHAM-TV in 2003 before being promoted to anchor in 2007.