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In poll, Nixon gains on Cuomo, though incumbent governor is still far ahead


A new Siena College poll finds Governor Cuomo well ahead of his Democratic and Republican challengers for Governor, but at his lowest rate of favorability among voters.

The Poll finds that Democratic candidate for Governor Cynthia Nixon has gained sixteen points in her match up against the incumbent governor. The poll first asked potential voters about Nixon in March, just before she officially announced her candidacy. But Cuomo still leads by more than 30 points, at 58 to 27%.

The governor’s favorability rating is at just 44%, matching a low for Cuomo last reached in July of 2015. Siena’s Steve Greenberg says recent incidents may have put the governor in a bad light.

“There have been corruption trials,” said Greenberg, referring to the recent bribery conviction of Cuomo’s former closet aide, Joe Percoco.

“There have been fights between the governor and republicans,” said Greenberg. “Fights between the governor and some of the progressive or liberal wing of his party.”

Cuomo also leads Republican challengers Marc Molinaro and John DeFrancisco by large margins, at 57-31% and 56 to 32%. .