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Cuomo, Like Many, Condemns Trump

Matt Ryan New York Now

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is one of many condemning Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump for his statements in the 2005 incident, where Trump spoke of women in vulgar terms, and described actions that  many view as sexual assault.

“This was a disrespectful, sexist, derogatory statement about all women, and it should be condemned,” Cuomo said, speaking after a briefing on an accident on the Long Island Railroad Sunday.

And Cuomo, a Democrat who has a good working relationship with many Republicans in the state legislature, called it a “litmus test” for  GOP members in New York, said they should “stand up and say  ‘I can’t endorse this.’”

“If you stand with Trump, you stand against women,” the governor said.

Cuomo says the issue goes beyond partisan politics, saying “this garbage, this filth doesn’t fly in New York, and we won’t tolerate it.”