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Poll Finds Hillary Underwater in New York, for the First Time

A new poll finds that, for the first time, Hillary Clinton is viewed negatively by a slim majority of New Yorkers.

The Siena College poll finds that 51% of New Yorkers view the front runner Democratic Presidential candidate negatively, with 46% still Hillary fans. Siena’s Steve Greenberg says that’s significant, in a state that the former First Lady adopted as her own with a home in Westchester, and represented in the Senate for 8 years.

“A net 21 point drop in her favorability rating over the last two months,” said Greenberg. “And it’s across the board”.

Though he says Clinton lost the most support among independent voters who are not registered with any party.  

Most New York Democrats say Vice Present Joe Biden, who has made several recent appearances in New York, should enter the race. But when it comes down to it, Clinton is ahead of Biden by double digits among party members, at 45%f or Clinton  to 24% for Biden, with 23% of Democrats favoring independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.  

Among Republicans, one third would vote for Donald Trump if the primary were held today, but Trump is viewed unfavorably by nearly two thirds of New York voters overall.