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Rochester Fringe Festival 2022 daily coverage: Highlights, previews and reviews

“C’est Pas Là, C’est Par Là” is an immersive visual arts piece created by a South Korean conceptual artist, Juhyung Lee, and a French arts collective, Compagnie Galmae.
Compagnie Galmae
“C’est Pas Là, C’est Par Là” is an immersive visual arts piece created by a South Korean conceptual artist, Juhyung Lee, and a French arts collective, Compagnie Galmae.

Rochester Fringe is over. And our correspondent says it came back better than ever.

The big question for the 11th Rochester Fringe Festival has been: How do you put this thing back together after a pandemic devastated the entire entertainment industry?
Pounding beers with Shakespeare and the aerial display of Bandaloop flies over downtown.
In this one-man show at Rochester Fringe, Eric Gutman offers both a love letter to musical theater and a therapy session about being a professional actor.
On the last Friday of Fringe, Unleashed! Improv provides its left-field takes on shows, cowboy guitarist Jeff Mamett spreads Texas charm.
PUSH presents "Generic Male" off-Broadway this winter, but not before performing the funny and dramatic show at Rochester Fringe Saturday.
RIT students showcase engaging and weird films; pianist Greg Woodsbie helps Fringe attendees reflect with a fusion of music and dance.
This Saturday, dancers from the region will compete for a grand prize at Martin Luther King Jr. Park.
Bandaloop was a part of the first two Rochester Fringe Festivals. It returns for the event’s 11th year, with two shows each on Friday and Saturday on the side of Five Star Plaza. The shows are free, and easily visible from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park.
“Remnants” is a tour of what remains of Ellison Park’s history — but it goes beyond that, becoming a multidisciplinary stroll.

Halfway through 2022 Rochester Fringe, Sunday had a little bit of everything: gospel music, a Thomas Warfield celebration, and broken glass.

In the appropriately named Conjure Box at The Spirit Room, The Evening Crane Theatre presents a riveting drama with truly haunting moments.

Rochester City Ballet tries its hand at "spooky" with "Turn of the Screw," while Thank You Kiss returns from the pandemic with absurdity.
Our critic says the Flying Españas were impressive - but missed the mark at Rochester Fringe.
A noir detective out of time and place solves mysteries and delights audiences with dad jokes, puns, and magic.
Steven Nicholas promises to read your mind, but that's not all: The national touring mentalist also claims he can change your mind. Find out for yourself this weekend at Rochester Fringe Festival.
Watch artists turn sand and fire into glass - and then smash it, after.
Performers from all over the world are wowing Fringe audiences this year. Jeff Spevak highlights some of the local artists who also get a stage.
Princess Wendy's fairytale kingdom gets a visit from Rod Raven and his "super dark and sexy villains." Spoiler alert: They think she's boring. So begins a 90-minute whirlwind of death-defying aerial, acrobatic performances, with speed skating, contortions, and so much more.
Brooklyn goth-folk duo Charming Disaster explore world history in their performance, "Our Lady of Radium," and Rochester's real - and imagined - history is exposed both in theatre and live podcasting.
The famed performing family premiere their new show, “Flippin Metal Circus,” at the Rochester Fringe Festival on Sept. 16 and 17 at Parcel 5.
On the first day of Fringe 2022, Jeff Spevak reviews the opening night buzz and the ecological themes of Rochester-based Biodance's new “Elemental Forces Redux.”
A curated list of some of the over 500 performances at 2022 Fringe.
Arts and life editor Jeff Spevak previews the Rochester Fringe Festival with his own curated list of can't miss shows.