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Amazing Maize Maze will celebrate 130 years of Kodak cameras

Long Acre Farms
2018 Amazing Maize Maze

Long Acre Farms in Macedon will be celebrating a couple of anniversaries this year.

The theme for the 2018 Amazing Maize Maze will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Long Acre Farms, as well as the 130th anniversary of the Kodak Camera.

Joan Allen is one of the owners of the farm and says it’s a theme that made sense to them, since they’ve been providing guests with a place to create happy memories (and photos) for decades.

"You know we all think of, maybe, I’m pretty sure it’s worldwide, to think of capturing a memory with a Kodak camera and given that that’s our neighbor right her in Rochester this seems like an appropriate theme." 

Themes for the corn maze each year are locked down by January.

Allen says they’ve been posting photos of the last 25 years on the farm online to celebrate, and described what the massive corn maze looks like from above.

"So what you’re looking at is an old camera so it’s got the big flash and there’s a hand there with a finger taking a picture, and surrounding that camera is a film strip because Kodak is known for film as well."

The maze will be open August 25th and 26th for a preview weekend, and officially open for the season September 15th.