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Local Expert Authenticates John Lennon's Missing Guitar


A local Beatles expert and guitar store owner has authenticated the 1962 Gibson guitar used by John Lennon that's expected to sell for over half a million dollars at auction later this year.

Andy Babiuk is author of the book "Beatles Gear," and runs a guitar store, Fab Gear, in Fairport.

He says John Lennon used that 1962 guitar on a number of early hits and in live shows.

But in 1963 the instrument went missing. 

No one really knows the whole story behind the disappearance of the guitar, but it turned up over 50 years later when an amateur guitarist, who had bought it, was told it looked like Lennon's guitar.

So he took it to Babiuk who authenticated it.

"Who knows how it made it to the United States, but the one thing that we do know is the wood grain matches 100 percent. And wood grain is kind of like a fingerprint."

Julien's Auctions estimates that 1962 Gibson guitar first used by John Lennon, will go for between $600,000 and $800,000.

Babiuk anticipates this will be the most expensive guitar ever sold.

He says he's had the pleasure of playing it, and said it was almost a chilling experience.

Babiuk adds that guitar will be on the cover of his forthcoming book, "Beatles Gear — The Ultimate Edition," due out this fall.