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Sir James Galway: Classical Music is Not Dead

Flutist Sir James Galway
Flutist Sir James Galway

Classical music is not dead. That’s according to world-renowned flutist Sir James Galway. Glaway is in Rochester this week with his wife, flutist Lady Jeanne Galway, for a live recording of NPR’s classical music program From the Top.

The program highlights the work of young classical musicians throughout the country and works to inspire and build new classical music audiences. 

Galway says when young people learn music they learn another way to study that can benefit them in multiple arenas.

“Studying music is quite different from studying mathematics. I mean you can imagine little Mary comes home one day and says to her dad ‘I want to play the trombone' and he doesn't know what's happened to her,” Galway says. “So she starts to do that and by doing that she learns a new way of studying something because the family couldn't introduce her to how to study music before. So she starts to do that and as a result her other studies increase because she learns how to study them as well,” says Galway.

The acclaimed flutist also says there’s a social aspect involved with classical music that connects communities in a unique way.

"When you begin to learn classical music you play in the band and therefore you're in a social situation that you normally would not be in,” says Galway. “Then you move on from that and you get in a local orchestra. And again you're in a social situation. I mean it's the social aspect of this whole thing that makes it so engaging."

Galway recently launched First Flute. It’s an online music education program that provides a series of interactive lessons to help beginning flute students of all ages learn the craft. He’ll join From the Top host and pianist Christopher O’Riley along with young musicians from the Rochester area for Wednesday’s live taping at Kodak Hall.

To hear more from Sir James Galway tune in to Need to Know Rochester this Thursday at 8pm on WXXI-TV.