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Governor Cuomo's office

Busy day at Capitol features governor's budget and transgender rights

The New York State Legislature for the first time granted civil rights to transgender New Yorkers. And on a busy day at the State Capitol, Gov. Andrew Cuomo also released his $175 billion budget plan. Senate sponsor Brad Hoylman got a bit emotional on the Senate floor when he spoke about the provisions of a measure that will add “gender identity” and “gender expression” as a protected class in the state’s human rights laws, outlawing discrimination in employment and housing. “All of these New...

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Monroe County Executive Jack Doyle says the county is well equipped and well prepared in the event of a terrorist emergency. Doyle's remarks came last night during a homeland security town meeting at the Henrietta town hall.

When it comes to the terrorist threat, Doyle admitted that officials are preparing for the unknown. But Doyle says the county can utilize existing emergency preparedness apparatus and emerging technology to provide citizens with the best available protection and emergency response.

Rochester, NY – The City of Rochester is preparing to announce a series of security recommendations next week -- to improve safety at city hall and at key facilities including the Cobbs Hill and Highland Park reservoirs.

Mayor Bill Johnson says the city is trying to assess what might be the most likely points a terrorist might attack, and move to secure them. He says that includes buildings that are open to the public as well as obvious facilities such as the city's water system.

Rochester, NY – A proposed merger between Rochester Gas and Electric and another western New York utility has the support of a local business group -- but drew questions from some ratepayers at a public hearing.

New York's Public Service Commission came to Rochester looking for public comment on a merger between Rochester Gas and Electric and New York State Electric and Gas, or NYSEG.



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Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown took a step towards a 2020 presidential campaign, announcing a tour of states holding early presidential primaries next year.

Seeking to counter President Trump's appeal to white, working-class voters that helped him flip Ohio and other key midwestern states, Brown is launching a "Dignity of Work" tour through Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

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Hundreds of Honduran migrants have crossed the Guatemalan border as they travel in the direction of the United States.

The group that reached Guatemala yesterday is the first wave of a caravan that could consist of thousands. It's the first national border crossed by the migrants on their journey that started Monday night.

It's a Friday night and roommates Jason Jones and Tamiko Panzella are hanging out in the Oakland apartment they share, laughing about an epic gym workout misfire.

"I get there and we have to take our shoes and socks off. And I'm like, oh no, she got me into yoga! She tricked me," Jones says laughing.

What made the yoga session more jarring — it was Jones's first full day of freedom after more than a decade behind bars.

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Special Olympics NY

The Special Olympics Winter Games are taking place around Rochester again this year, Friday February 22nd and Saturday the 23rd.

1,000 athletes from across state will be in the area, competing in six winter sports spread out from Swain resort to the Riverside Convention Center; with sports including Alpine and cross country skiing, figure skating and snowboarding.

Stacey Hengsterman is the President and CEO of Special Olympics New York.

Lorenzo Destefano

When Rachel Flowers was born 15 weeks premature in 1993, she weighed just one and a half pounds. She lost her vision three months later due to a condition called retinopathy of prematurity. 

But when you talk to Rachel today, there's no sense of loss, disability, or limitations. The 25-year old music prodigy's world is vast and full of potential. By the time she was 4 years old, Rachel was playing Bach fugues on the piano seemingly with little effort. 

Now, with a flourishing music career, she composes her own songs and has befriended and sometimes performs with artists who have inspired her: Arturo Sandoval, Carl Palmer and Dweezil Zappa. 

WXXI’s Inclusion Desk is the news arm of the station's Move to Include initiative, which is a partnership to encourage thoughtful discussion about issues of inclusion and the differently abled.

And 2018 brought about a lot of these stories, from tragedy to triumph, arts, sports and new initiatives.

Caitlin Whyte and Denise Young from WXXI’s Inclusion Desk talk about the stories that affected those in our communities with disabilities in 2018.

The spiritual practice of yoga is said to have immense health benefits. A reduction in fatigue, anxiety, and inflammation, plus an improved mood, are just a few of the many upsides. But when you see common yoga poses like downward facing dog, tree pose, and half-moon, it would appear as though the healing benefits are only available for a certain percentage of our population….specifically those without mobility disabilities. But that is not the case in Rochester. On this edition of Need to Know, the impact of adaptive yoga on area residents.

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A wide-reaching epidemic

WXXI, in partnership with public broadcasting stations across New York state, is airing special programming examining the opioid crisis.

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