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Early voters cast their ballots in New York presidential primaries

An early voting site in Niskayuna on March 25, 2024.
Alexander Babbie
An early voting site in Niskayuna on March 25, 2024.

Early voting is underway across New York ahead of Tuesday’s presidential primaries. WAMC's Alexander Babbie headed out to hear from voters in the Capital Region.

Kevin Kelly was one of those who made the journey to cast his ballot in Niskayuna. He says he voted for President Biden on the Democratic side.

“I think he’s done a good job. There’s been a couple things he hasn’t done well, but overall, I think he’s done a really good job, and I think Trump is a danger to this country,” Kelly said.

He says he appreciates the convenience of early voting, adding that’s his plan as long as it remains possible.

“At least in this area, it’s easy to vote. I watch some other places where it’s really hard for people to vote, where they stand in lines for long periods of time,” Kelly said.

While he voted for Biden, calling Trump a liar, Kelly says people of all stripes need to do their civic duty.

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“Don’t take these things for granted. It’s important that everyone gets out and vote every election, whether it’s a presidential election or any other kind of election,” Kelly said.

Vicki Michela was also out to vote in Niskayuna. She says she left her ballot blank, noting, while she supports President Biden:

“Right now, I think that he needs to be more forceful in demanding a ceasefire in Gaza and withholding aid to Israel until they have a ceasefire,” Michela said.

Michela says it’s an effort similar to those by Michigan and Massachusetts Democrats to vote uncommitted in their party primary as a way to send a message to national party leadership.

“I think it’s something that progressives who believe in a ceasefire should embrace,” Michela said.

When it comes to November?

“I’ll see what happens, and then I’ll decide,” Michela said.

As for early voting itself, she says she appreciates it, as she’ll be away from Niskayuna on Election Day.

While many Democrats say they’re unhappy with party leadership, some area Republicans are also displeased with Trump. Wendy Lindskoog, who lives in Albany, is one of them.

“I don’t want to vote for him. I don’t want him to be president, I think he’s a dangerous man,” Lindskoog said.

Voting for Nikki Haley, at the County Board of Elections, Lindskoog says she’s concerned about the possibility for a repeat of the riot at the capitol in 2021.

“What he allowed to happen on January 6th, I think that opened my eyes to who he really was. I had voted for him before, but not this election,” Lindskoog said.

Looking ahead to November, Lindskoog says she’s uncertain.

“I’ve really been a Republican for most of my life, and I don’t know how I’m going to vote if he’s going to be the candidate for the Republicans,” Lindskoog said.

Sharon Howard was another early voter who braved the wind to come out to the polls in Albany. She says she’s a Democrat, and proudly voting for “Uncle Joe.”

“Absolutely who I’m voting for now and in November. I think he’s done a very solid job, considering what he was left with,” Howard said.

Which she says includes the deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic and supply shortages causing fear in the populace.

“People who were panicked, myself included. I think he took firm control and straightened us out,” Howard said.

Lois Gordon of Albany agrees. Although she wouldn’t disclose her vote, she says her concerns about the direction of the country brought her to the polls.

“I’m concerned about the media and the part they play. Specifically, NBC just taking on Ronna McDaniel troubles me a great deal. I’m concerned about immigration; I’m concerned that enough people are being influenced by non-objective sources,” Gordon said.

She says the country is threatened by a loss of democracy if people don’t vote.

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