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Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Classroom with empty desks

First hour: Discussing the "Solutions Not Suspensions" bill in the New York State Legislature

Second hour: How to improve the patient experience for people undergoing cancer treatment

Fifty years ago, American schools suspended a lot fewer kids than they do today. But a wide range of research from the past decade indicates that suspensions are not effective in correcting behaviors, and lead to an increase in dropping out, incarceration, and unemployment. A group of advocates is pushing a bill in the New York State Legislature known as "Solutions Not Suspensions." What would this mean for kids who are currently being suspended? And what about kids in their classrooms? Some teachers argue that suspensions are equally important for the kids who are harmed by frequent disruptions in class. We discuss it with our guests:

  • Eamonn Scanlon, policy director at The Children's Agenda, and lead author of "Solutions Not Suspensions"
  • Shoshana Hershkowitz, statewide organizer for education and childcare at Citizen Action of New York
  • Isaiah Santiago, former RCSD student
  • Ashali Snead, local parent

Then in our second hour, a global conference is aiming to make cancer care better for patients. When it comes to cancer treatment, there is a lot of reliance on statistics and probability. But what about the patient's desires? The Global Virtual Cancer Conference professes to find better ways to approach patients. We talk to people who have been through the rigors of treatment and caregiving, and we discuss what might change. Our guests:

  • David Craig, co-founder of GRYT Health, two-time cancer survivor, and caregiver
  • Kevin Beckford, senior vice president and chief people officer for GRYT Health, and caregiver
  • Nancy Gramkee-Cuer, retired nursing administrator and educator, and cancer survivor
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