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Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Walid Shaheed and Sayed Ebrahim Sadat on "Connections."
Emmarae Stein
Walid Shaheed and Sayed Ebrahim Sadat appear on "Connections with Evan Dawson" on Monday, August 29, 2022.

First hour: Special rebroadcast - Afghan refugees on one year since the fall of Kabul

Second hour: What’s the state of Rochester music venues, post-shutdowns?

In this special rebroadcast, we examine the state of the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program one year after the fall of Kabul. Since then, Rochester has welcomed a growing number of Afghan refugees. As the New Yorker puts it, the Biden administration has a hellish task of trying to support the Afghan people still in the country, without empowering the Taliban. Meanwhile, the SIV program is still working to pull more people out of harm's way. We discuss what has changed, and what is happening locally. Our guests:

  • Ellen Smith, executive director of Keeping Our Promise
  • Faheem Asfe, Afghan refugee who served the U.S. government and is now living in Turkey
  • Sayed Ebrahim Sadat, Afghan refugee who served the U.S. government and is now living in Rochester 
  • Walid Shaheed, Afghan refugee who served the U.S. government and is now living in Rochester

Then in our second hour, the pandemic left businesses scrambling to adapt amid ever-changing regulations, reduced attendance, and canceled shows. Now that live music has by-and-large returned, what challenges still remain for music venues in the Rochester area? CITY Magazine Arts Editor Daniel Kushner hosts a wide-ranging discussion about the local-concert landscape — including the impact of PPP loans, the loss of shows featuring international artists, and hesitation among concertgoers — with managers from a few of Rochester’s vital music venues. Our guests:

  • Danny Deutsch, owner of Abilene Bar and Lounge
  • Riley Fressie, general manager of Water Street Music Hall
  • Leslie Ward, owner of Lovin' Cup
  • Geoff Dale, minister of mayhem at Three Heads Brewing
Evan Dawson is the host of "Connections with Evan Dawson." He joined WXXI in January 2014 after working at 13WHAM-TV, where he served as morning news anchor. He was hired as a reporter for 13WHAM-TV in 2003 before being promoted to anchor in 2007.
Megan Mack is the executive producer of "Connections with Evan Dawson" and live/televised engagement programming.
Arts writer Daniel J. Kushner began writing for CITY in 2015 as a contributing writer before joining the staff full-time in 2018.
Emmarae Stein is the production assistant for "Connections with Evan Dawson."