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Coming up on Connections: Friday, August 19, 2022

Kids kicking a soccer ball

First hour: The value, pressures, and pitfalls of youth sports

Second hour: Discussing the impact of social media culture

A Little League baseball pitcher hit an opposing batter in the head with a pitch, and what happened next went viral. The pitcher was badly shaken, and the batter walked to the mound to console his opponent. It was an act of sportsmanship that caught the attention of coaches at many different levels across the country. We talk about the value that youth sports can bring to kids and we talk about the pressures and the pitfalls that can occur when coaches teach the wrong lessons. Our guests:

  • David Andreatta, editor of CITY Magazine, and youth hockey coach
  • Paul Canfield, head coach for Seneca All Stars 11U (baseball), and a coach for Schuyler County Youth Baseball
  • Felicia Zimmermann, two-time Olympian and owner of the Rochester Fencing Club

Then in our second hour, recent Hollywood films are taking a critical look at social media culture. As reported by the Atlantic, films like "Not Okay" and "Bodies Bodies Bodies" offer commentary about "what young people actually glean from posting endlessly about their life." Using social platforms has become a money-making, brand-building mechanism for some influencers, while others are deciding that scrolling social platforms has a negative impact on their mental health and relationships. Meanwhile, Millennials — who were the first generation to grow up with social media — are the first to begin aging out of it. Why? This hour, Gen Zers and Millennials discuss why they've embraced social media culture or why they've decided to leave it. Our guests:

  • Simon Lenoe, Gen Zer and incoming graduate student at the University of Chicago, who uses social media sparingly
  • Mackenzie Reed, Gen Z author who uses social media
  • Leah Stacy, Millennial writer who uses social media