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Coming up on Connections: Thursday, July 28, 2022

The monkeypox virus.
The monkeypox virus.

First hour: Understanding the monkeypox virus

Second hour: How will augmented reality affect our lives?

What do you know about monkeypox? And what questions do you have? The virus and how it is transmitted are not well understood by the public, despite the World Health Organization declaring it a public health emergency. This hour, we talk to experts about what monkeypox is and how it spreads, and our guests answer your questions. Our guests:

  • Paul Graman, M.D., professor of infectious diseases at the University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Bill Valenti, M.D., chief of innovation and staff physician at Trillium Health

Then in our second hour, tech leaders are investing heavily in AR, or augmented reality. Maybe you've seen the glasses that are supposed to make you feel transported to different places, or events, or scenarios. That's just the beginning. Within a decade, some tech innovators are predicting that AR will be everywhere: it will impact how we meet with co-workers or friends; how we learn new skills; even how we vacation. Is this a future you want? Is it inevitable? Our guest recently had a lot to say at an RIT futurists conference. In studio:

  • Aaron Gordon, founder and executive producer of Optic Sky Productions 
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