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Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Classroom with empty desks
Classroom with empty desks

First hour: Will there be a mass exodus from the teaching profession?

Second hour: John Love on his memoir, "You Failed Me"

NPR recently reported that teachers across the nation are anticipating a mass exodus. From pandemic burnout to stressors related to school shootings, teachers say they are overwhelmed and concerned about their mental health and that of their students. This hour, we sit down with local teachers to discuss how their academic year went and their thoughts about the future of the profession in today's climate. Our guests:

  • Jake Jacobs, middle school art teacher in the Bronx
  • Amy Maloy, member of the Rochester City School Board, and a teacher in a suburban district
  • Christine Purtell, math interventionist teacher at Munn Elementary in Spencerport

Then in our second hour, a local business man has written a memoir exploring the abuse and neglect he experienced as a child. John Love is now the president of a local car dealership, but the road to success was long and painful. In "You Failed Me," Love shares how he grew up in poverty with a neglectful mother and a violent step-father, how he became homeless as a young teenager, and how most of the adults in his life either missed or turned a blind eye to the trauma he endured. He joins us to discuss his book and how he hopes to use his experience to create better outcomes for children in similar circumstances. Our guest:

  • John Love, author of "You Failed Me"
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