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Coming up on Connections: Monday, May 23, 2022

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First hour: Recent school board winners on their goals for the role

Second hour: Threat experts on if the Buffalo mass shooting could have been prevented

School board meetings -- and the recent campaigns for school board positions -- have become some of the most heated places in American communities. Candidates in local races debated parental rights, classroom lessons about race, and more. We welcome some of the recent winners to discuss what they heard from voters, and how that might inform their work serving on boards of education. Our guests:

  • Mark Buonauguario, elected to the Greece Central School Board
  • Brian Moritz, elected to the Fairport School Board
  • Courtney Shouse, elected to the West Irondequoit School Board

Then in our second hour, could the Buffalo mass shooting have been prevented? The accused shooter says he lied to his family and hid his intentions... but he was a regular poster on internet sites that share toxic ideologies. Our guests have experience in psychological assessment to answer one of the most difficult questions in free societies: Is there a danger associated with a threat? And if so, what is the appropriate and legal intervention? Free societies guard against arresting someone for crimes they have not yet committed. So, what can be done? Our guests discuss it:

  • Mark Concordia, director of training and certified threat manager at AT-RISK International, Inc.
  • Russell Palarea, founder and CEO of Operational Psychology Services, and past president of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals
Evan Dawson is the host of "Connections with Evan Dawson." He joined WXXI in January 2014 after working at 13WHAM-TV, where he served as morning news anchor. He was hired as a reporter for 13WHAM-TV in 2003 before being promoted to anchor in 2007.
Megan Mack is the executive producer of "Connections with Evan Dawson" and live/televised engagement programming.