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Coming up on Connections: Friday, May 13, 2022

A Bitcoin with a dollar bill in the background
A Bitcoin with a dollar bill in the background

First hour: Discussing the impact of the crypto crash

Second hour: The latest on the local ATV and dirt bike situation

Cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, is crashing, losing more than 50 percent of its peak value. Much of the drop has come in the past week. Crypto critics have been predicting such a crash, and they warn that the volatility of crypto is not likely to change. Crypto defenders say dips happen regularly. But is this the start of something more permanent? And how can a crypto crash affect the wider market? Our guests include:

  • John William Bowen, computer information science professional
  • Max Irwin, founder of Stealth AI Company, who has worked in programming and tech since the 1990s
  • Gary Palmer, founder of Minting Coins
  • Chuck Wade, senior vice president of Brighton Securities

Then in our second hour, it's ATV and dirt bike season once again, and that means noise and more activity on local roads. Last summer, city leaders in Rochester debated what could be done to find a better way. Many neighbors complained of dangerous and aggressive driving, along with late-night noise. What's the best way to handle the situation this year? Our guests discuss it:

  • Raheim Drisdom, ATV rider
  • Jeff Holdsworth, president of the Corn Hill Neighbors Association
  • Jose Peo, member of Rochester City Council