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Coming up on Connections: Monday, May 2, 2022

New York State flag
New York State flag

First hour: Discussing redistricting in New York State

Second hour: Previewing "Listen to Your Mother 2022"

"Impermissibly partisan": that's the description that a judge used to describe state Democrats' efforts to draw new Congressional and State Senate districts. The judge from New York's highest court ruled last week that Democrats have violated the State Constitution when they attempted to draw new district lines, carving out way too much political advantage for themselves in the process. As a result, the judge ordered that a court-appointed outside expert will now draft new district lines for this year's midterm elections. It had a been a tricky spot for New York Democrats, who watched Republicans in other states exert their own dominance in redrawing district lines to favor Republican candidates. But in a 32-page ruling, the court criticized Democrats for ignoring an amendment adopted by New York voters in 2014 to curb political influence in this process. The judge is saying that Democrats basically did the opposite, and even though Republicans are playing the same game in more than a dozen other states, that's not how it's supposed to work in New York. Our guests discuss it:

  • Michael Li, senior counsel for the Brennan Center's Democracy Program
  • Cam Macdonald, adjunct fellow with the Empire Center, and executive director with the Government Justice Center
  • Rachel Barnhart, Monroe County Legislator

Then in our second hour, we talk about mothers! The "Listen to Your Mother" performance is back. The annual storytelling event celebrates mothers and motherhood: the joys, the challenges, the funny moments. A new group of storytellers preview their presentations before the May 7 event. We hear about a mother's warmth and love, the role of stepmothers and their relationships with stepdaughters, and how our guests have taken what they've learned from the mother figures in their lives to help them parent their own children. Listeners can share their own stories as well. Our guests:

  • Erin Julian, executive director of Listen to Your Mother Rochester
  • Andrea Holland, master of ceremonies for "Listen to Your Mother 2022"
  • Amy E. Boyle Johnston, cast member for "Listen to Your Mother 2022"
  • April Holmes, cast member for "Listen to Your Mother 2022"
  • Sherita S. Traywick, cast member for "Listen to Your Mother 2022"
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