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Coming up on Connections: Friday, April 22, 2022

Kids in a classroom
Martin Bureau
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Kids in a classroom

First hour: How can parents help education professionals address students' needs?

Second hour: Addressing forms of pandemic grief

How can parents help education professionals address a host of issues faced by students? The Parent Leadership Training Institute and the National Parents Union are teaming up for a conference geared at helping parents learn how use their organizing power to reform policies. We discuss current challenges they'd like to address. Our guests:

  • Deborah Hanmer, PLTI director
  • Sara Taylor, parent leader with BIPOC PEEEEEK  
  • Lily Colon, RCSD parent, and PLTI conference planning committee member 

Then in our second hour, the recent debate in federal court over a mask mandate for public transit has highlighted a polarizing question related to the pandemic: is it time to "move on?" While some people are ready to resume life as it was pre-pandemic, others say it's too soon, the risks are too great, and the losses have been too much to bear. Meanwhile, psychiatrists have added a new disorder to their field's diagnostic manual: prolonged grief disorder. The New York Times reports that the addition comes as experts are predicting a wave of severe bereavement. This hour, we discuss pandemic-related grief, the forms it may take, and how local artists and creative professionals are working to help people process grief. Our guests:

  • Annalisa Barron, artist and filmmaker in the College of Art and Design at RIT, and residency curator at Writers & Books 
  • Jaime Elizabeth Blackmon, psychology intern at Rochester Regional Health, and doctoral candidate at the University of Connecticut
  • Susan Begy, interdisciplinary artist, and artist in residence at Writers & Books
  • Teresa Schreiber Werth, writer, editor of "Navigating the Pandemic: Stories of Hope and Resilience," and certified funeral and wedding celebrant 
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