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Coming up on Connections: Thursday, January 27, 2022


First hour: Newly-elected Rochester City School Board Commissioners on their time on the job

Second hour: Debating the story of "West Elm Caleb"

It's been called the most thankless job in politics: school board member. That might be particularly true in Rochester, where the school board has been mired by infighting and dysfunction. We sit down with the two newest members, recently elected, to discuss how they see this moment during the pandemic, and how they're trying to build bridges on a board that often burns them. Our guests:

  • Camille Simmons, Rochester City School Board Commissioner
  • James Patterson, Rochester City School Board Commissioner

Then in our second hour, the story of "West Elm Caleb" is a cautionary tale in more ways than one. Caleb is a 20-something New Yorker who became the subject of women's wrath on TikTok. That's because Caleb is, by their account, a serial liar and ghoster, and someone who leads women on, only to get what he wants and leave them behind. In response, the TikTok community was mobilized to not only criticize his actions, but call his employer and demand his firing. There were death threats. Caleb has essentially fled the public scene. Our guests debate what parts of the response were appropriate, which were over-the-top, and whether apps like TikTok, are valuable -- or if they just foment apocalyptic rage. Our guests:

  • Lindsay Wrobel, social commentator living in Boston, and frequent user of dating apps
  • Joseph Burgess, online dating enthusiast
  • Ryan Broderick, tech writer and author of the Garbage Day newsletter