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Coming up on Connections: Thursday, January 13, 2022


First hour: Debating preservation versus new construction when it comes to increasing housing stock

Second hour: What are the obligations of drivers and cyclists when it comes to sharing the road?

In a recent piece for the Atlantic Monthly, writer M. Nolan Gray argues that it's time to "stop fetishizing old homes." He writes, "Whatever your aesthetic preferences, new construction is better on nearly every conceivable measure, and if we want to ensure universal access to decent housing, we should be building a lot more of it." The piece is circulating among local urbanists, developers, and preservationists who offer perspectives on different sides of the issue. This hour, our guests debate the benefits and challenges of both preservation and new construction when it comes to increasing accessible and affordable housing. Our guests:

  • Matthew Denker, owner of and developer with LBLD Living
  • Caitlin Meives, director of preservation for the Landmark Society of Western New York

Then in our second hour, we discuss the obligations of drivers and cyclists on the road, and how law enforcement responds to incidents involving them. Our guests share personal experiences and data:

  • Bryan Agnello, local cyclist
  • Lieutenant Greg Bello, Rochester Police Department
  • Rick Dalton, local cyclist
  • Jesse Peers, cycling manager for Reconnect Rochester