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Coming up on Connections: Monday, December 20

Miriam Zinter
Miriam Zinter

First hour: Special rebroadcast - Miriam Zinter on being a Black woman who looks white

Second hour: Are Rochester musicians being paid fairly for live performances?

We revisit a powerful discussion in this special rebroadcast. It begins with a question: “Why do you have a ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign on your front lawn when all those people do is kill each other?” That's what a neighbor recently asked a local woman who is Black, but looks white. In a piece for the Huffington Post, Miriam Zinter wrote about the "horrible things white people feel safe telling" her. She says these encounters have been happening for a long time. We talked with Zinter about some of these issues in 2018, but now, three years later, we revisit the conversation in light of the current political and social situation. She spoke with our colleague Beth Adams during an interview for Morning Edition, and now we continue the discussion on Connections. Our guest:

  • Miriam Zinter, community activist

Then in our second hour, are Rochester musicians being paid fairly for live performances? CITY Magazine arts editor Daniel Kushner hosts a conversation with local musicians and venue owners who explore that question. Independent professional musicians say they have little to no access to the benefits or organized labor. This comes amidst a renewed effort to unionize in numerous industries nationwide. In a recent Facebook video post, Rochester musician Jackson Cavalier expressed his frustration over local venues where musicians play only for tips or a free meal, rather than being paid outright for the gig. He urged his peers, “Playing for exposure is something you should never do.” We discuss the financial realities local music performers and venue owners are facing, and what compensation (or lack thereof) says about our socioeconomic priorities. Our guests:

  • Jackson Cavalier, musician and creator of the independent artist management label Voidyear Management
  • Geoff Dale, co-owner and concert booker at Three Heads Brewing
  • Zahyia Rolle, musician and producer
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