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Coming up on Connections: Monday, December 6

Marcus Butt
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First hour: Why do we give?

Second hour: Allison Larkin, author of “The People We Keep"

A new study from Indiana University's School of Philanthropy finds that the number of U.S. households giving to charity has dropped from 66 percent in 2000 to 49 percent in 2018. The pandemic could impact charitable giving even more. So why do we give to charity? Who do we do it for? How can we make good decisions when we consider whether to give? Our guests explore it:

  • Rev. Colin Pritchard, pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Geneva
  • Dina Strasser, middle school ENL teacher at Midlakes

Then in our second hour, we welcome Allison Larkin back to the show. She's a novelist and former Rochesterian. Her new book is called “The People We Keep.” It explores the power of personal connections, our struggle to live up to who we want to be, and the pain of loss. Larkin's book is gaining critical acclaim; we talk about it, and we discuss the ways she hopes the book will impact readers. Our guest:

  • Allison Larkin, author of “The People We Keep"
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