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Coming up on Connections: Thursday, December 2

James Brown
Monroe County Executive Adam Bello

First hour: Monroe County Executive Adam Bello

Second hour: Remembering Malcolm X's visit to Rochester

We sit down with Monroe County Executive Adam Bello. On Tuesday, Bello declared a state of emergency in Monroe County due to the rising rates of hospitalizations due to COVID-19. This comes as the COVID infection rate in the Finger Lakes region surpasses 10 percent. The National Guard will report to Rochester by Friday to help the county expand its hospital capacity. Bello also announced that the county will provide 750,000 rapid home test kits to residents during the holiday season. We talk with Bello about these latest developments, and also about his proposed 2022 county budget. Our guest:

  • Adam Bello, Monroe County Executive

Then in our second hour, artist Ephraim Gebre will be back in Rochester to paint another mural of civil rights icons. The Rochester native is the artist behind the "I am Speaking" mural featuring John Lewis in downtown Rochester. Gebre's new project is a mural of Malcolm X and Constance Mitchell, the first Black woman voted into office in Monroe County. Mitchell and Minister Franklin D. Florence met with Malcolm X in Rochester in 1965, shortly before he was assassinated. This hour, our guests discuss plans for the mural and remember that historic visit in Rochester. Our guests:

  • Ephraim Gebre, artist
  • Constance Mitchell-Jefferson, Constance Mitchell's daughter
  • Min. Clifford Florence, associate minister at the Central Church of Christ, and son of Minister Franklin D. Florence