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Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, December 1

Glass of red wine

First hour: Fred Merwarth, Wine Enthusiast Magazine's Winemaker of the Year

Second hour: Tap and Mallet co-owner Joe McBane on the pub's closing

The 2021 International Winemaker of the Year, according to Wine Enthusiast Magazine, is a Finger Lakes winemaker. The well known publication chose Fred Merwarth of Hermann J. Wiemer for its annual Wine Star Award. It's the first time the Finger Lakes has received such an honor. Merwarth joins us to discuss what the award means to him, his team, and the region. Our guest:

  • Fred Merwarth, winemaker and co-owner of Hermann J. Wiemer

Then in our second hour, Tap and Mallet -- a popular pub in Rochester's South Wedge -- is closing at the end of this year after 14 years in business. In a Facebook post on Tuesday, the co-owners wrote, "When the pandemic hit it came at a tough time as the pub was already feeling the effects of changes in the craft beer industry that we all continue to enjoy. We all soldiered on but have reached the tough decision that it’s time to call last orders." This hour, we talk about how Tap and Mallet's business has evolved over the years, how it navigated pandemic challenges, and what the pub has meant to loyal customers. Our guests:

  • Joe McBane, co-owner of Tap and Mallet
  • Jaime Barclay, Tap and Mallet customer
  • Dan Gerow, Tap and Mallet customer