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90-degree weather ends Friday

The thermometer reached at least 90 degrees again Thursday in Rochester, marking the sixth straight day the temperature hit 90 or better in Rochester.

And that hasn’t happened here in a long time, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Jon Hitchcock.

“And that puts us in fifth place overall as far as streaks go for 90-degree days. And the last time we had six days in a row of 90-degree days was back in 1988,” he said. “Nine days in a row is the longest streak of 90 degree days on record.  That was back in 1973 back in late August and early September, so we’re still a few days away from that, and this is the last 90-degree day we’re going to have.  It’s much cooler tomorrow.” (Friday)

Hitchcock adds, after Thursday's hot temps, he doesn't see any more 90-degree days in the next seven or eight days.

He says we’ll see pretty typical summer weather for the next several days.

After Thursday, of course.