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Ontario County Tornado Confirmed

The storm left damage to a few headstones at South Farmington Cemetery.
The storm left damage to a few headstones at South Farmington Cemetery.

The National Weather Service Thursday confirmed a tornado damaged an Ontario County farm and cemetery Wednesday at about 9:50 pm.

It is the first tornado of the season in western New York, according to NWS meteorologist Kirk Apfel.

"We usually get a few a year in our forecast area, and a few more if you add up all throughout the state. We do get a few in the severe weather season."

The weather service investigators determined that a tornado rated EF-0 with winds 60 to 70 mph touched down and was on the ground for a half-mile.

Ontario County Emergency officials say high winds knocked over two barns and sent a silo nearly 300 yards into a cemetery in Farmington, in the northern part of the county.

Investigators check the damage for clues whether it was caused by a tornado.

"You look at the damage pattern and if you've looked at a lot of these it is usually evident if you look at all the information, you can make a determination based on that."

No injuries were reported.

"They also assess if there was a tornado what the path of it would have been and how strong it would have been. Those are all the decisions that they would be making on a damage survey."

The weather service estimates that the tornado ran amok for a half-mile with winds estimated between 60 and 70 miles an hour.