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More than 23,000 without power in Monroe County

The aftermath of hurricane Sandy has left more than 23,000 people without power in Monroe County, and RG&E officials say they don't know how long it will be before their systems are back up and running.

Areas closest to the lake have been hit hardest according to RG&E.  This includes Webster, Greece, Chili, Irondequoit and Penfield.

Spokesman Dan Hucko says crews went out at daybreak to assess the damage, but they don't know the full extent of the damage yet.

"We have to get out and make a thorough assessment of the system to understand exactly what the issues are, and then we'll be able to put our plan together and get restoration times."

Hucko says crews will work more than 17 hours today to try to get the systems back up for customers, but more people may lose power while restorations are underway.

“You’ll see during the path of a restoration sometimes where the outage numbers actually go up a little bit, and that’s because we’re doing this controlled switching of circuits to make it safe for our workers to get in there.”

More updates will be available as RG&E teams assess the impact of the storm.

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