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Flu Season Has Begun

It's officially flu season in Rochester.  

Doctors have confirmed cases at the University of Rochester Medical Center and Rochester General Health.

Dr. Alexandra Yamshchikov is an Epidemiologist and Infectious Disease Physician at Rochester General.
"If you are blowing your nose or coughing,  go ahead and wash your hands and contain your coughs and sneezes the best that you can. The Center for Disease Control's recommended practice is to make sure you sneeze and cough into the sleeve of your arm."

Dr. Yamshchikov  says  the flu season has gotten off to a late start this year.

"Part of it may be related to the fact that we have had a milder winter this year. The flu and cold viruses tend to spread more readily when its cold outside and folks are spending more time indoors interacting with each other and sharing germs," says Dr. Yamshchikov.

Last year, Rochester General admitted more than 100 people with the flu.  Dr. Yamshchikov  says during the peak season, which is in February, hospitals could admit people daily. Flu season usually runs through late March or early April.