Youth Incarceration

Every day, thousands of New York residents stay in jail because they don't have the money for bail. Critics have railed against the system on numerous levels. First, they claim it's classist and racist. Second, they point to abuses that happen in jail. Third, they call for better rehabilitation as opposed to a purely punitive system.

The League of Women Voters is hosting a public forum on the issue, and we preview it with some of their panelists:

On this edition of Need to Know Rochester:

  • A look at youth confinement rates in Monroe County after a recent report finds New York is one of nine states leading the US in reducing youth incarceration.
  • Soul singer Robin McKelle talks about her new album, Soul Flower.
  • A look at craft beer pairings for vegans during Rochester’s Real Beer Week.
  • Sculptor Jackie Ferrara discusses the secrets behind her latest installation at the Memorial Art Gallery’s Centennial Sculpture Park.
  • We conclude our 6-part series Paley on Park Avenue: New York City.