When reports surfaced that not even BuzzFeed was meeting its earnings targets, young journalists might have wondered: is there a future in this field for me? BuzzFeed has been among the hottest media properties. If the strongest players are struggling, what does that mean for students considering journalism as a career?

We discuss job prospects and the news media landscape. In studio:

"Post-truth." "Fake news." It's a new world of information and misinformation, and for journalists, it's about to get even more challenging.

President-Elect Trump has shown consistent hostility to news organizations. Considering that, is this a moment of reckoning for the entire industry? Why do so many Americans profess such rancor to the press? How might that change? Our guests:

The Presstitutes is a new play written by Democrat & Chronicle columnist David Andreatta. It's a farce about journalists at a dying newspaper in Western New York who team up with a politician to save themselves.

We talk about the play's commentary on the state of journalism and politics in America today with our guests:

  • Dave Andreatta,¬†columnist for the Democrat & Chronicle and author of The Presstitutes
  • Julie Philipp, senior engagement editor for the Democrat & Chronicle
  • Jeff Moon, director of The Presstitutes
  • Jim Memmott, journalist with the Democrat & Chronicle and professor at the University of Rochester

A former ad executive for USA Today says it would be a "friggin' travesty" if the print edition of the newspaper dies. But USA Today editor-in-chief David Callaway said last week that the company could stop publishing a daily print newspaper as early as the next five or six years. What does that mean for the industry? In Rochester, the Democrat & Chronicle has made some changes, but appears to be stable. We'll talk about how to keep a newspaper audience, how to reach younger readers, and whether cutting the print run days is a sign of shrewdness or weakness with D&C Executive Editor Karen Magnuson.