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It’s not everyday that you hear a story similar to that of Pyar Mo. The young woman was born in a refugee camp in Thailand. At the age of 12 she was forced to flee her homeland with her family due to an ongoing civil war. Fast-forward seven years, she’s now the salutatorian of her graduating class and a filmmaker who documented her story of adversity and resilience in a film screening this summer at the Rochester Teen Film Festival. On this edition of Need to Know, Pyar Mor (joined by her digital media teacher, Laura Barstow) discusses her film Long Way Home, her story, and the work to support students facing insurmountable obstacles.

What happens when you can't find the book you really need? You write it! That's what one Rochester-native did, and you'll hear her story this week on Need to Know.

Some say the issue of immigration reform has not only taken a nasty turn in Congress, but also in our society. One reason might be lack of understanding and confusion in terms of what’s going on and why.

Joining this edition of Need to Know to share their understanding and perspectives on the issue at hand is:

  • Wes Renfro - Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science and Legal Studies at St. John Fisher College
  • Jocelyn “Josh” Apo - A Haitian refugee now US Citizen who released an inspiring memoir in 2017 about his journey, “Gold from the Well”
  • Jim Morris - Associate Vice President for Family Services at Catholic Family Center

Lending, borrowing, exchanging or sharing is now possible through the simple touch of a mobile phone app. But while the ‘sharing economy’ is benefitting some, you'll learn how it’s leaving others behind.

Also, the issues that matter most to more than 56-million Americans and what it will take to get them front-and-center in the political sphere.

Need to Know is Thursday night at 8 p.m. WXXI-TV.

Coming up on Need to Know, we’re peeling back the layers to uncover and understand the underbelly of trafficking, prostitution and addiction in our region. We’ll hear from women trapped in this deadly cycle and from area residents working in the trenches to help bring healing, hope and a “new” place to call home.

Do not miss this special edition of Need to Know as we re-examine trafficking in Rochester.

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As senseless acts of violence rip through our community and our country, Rochester-area religious leaders come together to discuss the challenges of our time on this edition of Need to Know.

Also on the show, some states saw a surge of women running for political office this election season, but there’s still a significant gender gap. We’ll discuss the reasons more women aren’t running for office and what can be done to help change that.

And why a well-known name in education circles in Rochester wants kids to re-think what it means to be a hero.

The heroin and opioid epidemic is taking the lives of young and old in our region...and it’s only getting worse.

Thursday, November 2 at 8 p.m. on WXXI-TV is a special edition of Need to Know as addicts, families, and people involved in grassroots efforts speak out to help peel back the layers of addiction and provide a path for support.

On this week's program, New York Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle will share his perspective on the national political scene and discuss issues you “need to know” about closer to home.

Also, whatever happened to neighborhood stick ball and dodge ball games? We’ll look at the challenges in getting youth from rural to urban areas in our region to get more active – and what’s being done to increase access to youth sports. 

And our series looking at the person behind the politician returns with Rochester mayoral candidate Lori Thomas. 

It’s been 200 years since the birth of the Erie Canal. While it was a game-changer in our nation’s history, on this edition of Need to Know we discuss whether it still carries economic weight.

Also on the show, what you may not see on the campaign trail in the race for Rochester mayor. This week we’re tagging along with Alex White to learn about the person behind the politician.

And, our Top of the Class series continues. We’ll talk with a recent high school grad with big goals to help create unity in our society through architecture and sports. 

It is time to pass the baton. That’s according to James Norman the President and CEO of Rochester’s Action for a Better Community. For 25 years Norman has continued the organization’s work to provide support and opportunities to low income residents in an effort to help families achieve and maintain self-sufficiency. As of December 31, that work will be in someone else’s hands. But before he officially steps down Norman joins this edition of Need to Know to talk breakthroughs, challenges and what you need to know, but likely don’t about the Rochester region’s poverty crisis.