Hearing Loss

Musician redefines herself after hearing loss

Apr 4, 2018
Photo Credit: Eastman School of Music

Gaelen McCormick has been losing her hearing, to varying degrees over several years as a result of Ménière’s disease – a condition that also causes vertigo and tinnitus.

"My husband and I have a morning ritual. Wake up, and the first thing he says, is “I love you” and the next thing I can say is “I can hear you” or “I can’t hear you” – and that’s how we start our day." 

The loss of hearing was a particular challenge for McCormick because of her profession: she is a musician.

If you use hearing aids or have cochlear implants equipped with what's called a "T" coil, you can now use them at Wegmans.

Induction hearing loops have been in performance halls, churches and movie theatres for years, but Wegmans spokesperson Jo Natale told WXXI they haven't been used much in stores yet.

"You have hearing loss, and you're wearing a hearing aid that has a tele-coil, you can hear the cashier speaking to you much more clearly, if there's a hearing induction loop installed at that location,” said Natale.