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Detroit will celebrate the life of Aretha Franklin on Friday, August 31st at 10 a.m. EST.

Over two dozen people -- including heads of state, a record mogul, and music legends of nearly every description -- will take the stage of the Greater Grace Temple to speak, sing and pray in honor of the gift that Franklin so readily shared with the world.

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The Strasenburgh Planetarium is turning 50 years old this year, and it's celebrating with some renovations.

Kate Bennett, CEO of the Rochester Museum & Science Center, says the planetarium will be closed beginning Sept. 4 for those renovations, which will include new, moveable seats and carpeting in the Star Theater, accessible restrooms and an updated lobby.


A local floral workshop for city youths got a new home Monday morning,

A ribbon cutting was held for a new floral design space and shed in the JOSANA neighborhood for the local project Green Visions.

But it wasn’t outside a building, it’s outside a repurposed shipping container. The 800-square-foot space is on Whitney Street.

Michael Phillipson is the co-founder of Greentopia, which runs the project.

University of Rochester

A well-known figure in the University of Rochester community  has died. Paul Burgett died Wednesday after a brief illness, he was 72. 

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Aug 23, 2018

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Nazareth College

After more than a year of construction, Nazareth College is getting ready to take the wraps of its new Jane and Laurence Glazer Music Performance Center.

The $15.5 million facility is located adjacent to the Nazareth College Arts Center, and it includes a 550-seat venue designed specifically for the acoustics of large instrumental ensembles.

Rita Mannelli is the Executive Director for the Arts Center.  She says having the new building is important because nearly 20 percent of the Nazareth College student body are in the Department of Music.

Jason Lee

Abandoned motels, lonely gas stations, rusting cars, weary houses shedding paint. Jason Lee’s photographs captures a rural Texas landscape that is disintegrating before our eyes.

Yes, he says: Isn’t that what’s happening to our country today?

Lee discusses these images in his new book, A Plain View, followed by a book signing, at 6 p.m. Thursday at the George Eastman Museum. These are photos that he took throughout 2017 all across Texas, where he now lives. A catalog of lonesome, desolate spaces – people are almost non-existent – that he says is inspired by films such as Paris, Texas.

Travis Rix / SaveArtSpace

A Brooklyn-based nonprofit is using billboards to display art rather than ads around the country, and they’ve added a piece in Rochester.

Travis Rix is the co-founder and executive director of SaveArtSpace, and says the idea sprung from seeing billboards go up over murals around his neighborhood in New York City.

"These billboards and other advertisement spaces are in the public space, so we believe everyone should have a voice as to what goes on these public platforms."

SaveArtSpace is a donation-based organization, and Rix says they use that money to lease the billboards for artwork nationwide.

He says any artist, at any age or skill level, can submit art with a small application fee to be a part of the project.

Long Acre Farms

Long Acre Farms in Macedon will be celebrating a couple of anniversaries this year.

Peace amidst war in opera at Glimmerglass

Aug 18, 2018

Cooperstown, New York means one thing to baseball fans  - the Hall of Fame, And another thing to opera fans – The Glimmerglass Festival, held every summer.

One of the operas on stage this year is Silent Night – based on a true story of a legendary cease-fire during World War I.