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First hour: Discussing police accountability in Rochester

Second hour: Will "Crazy Rich Asians" help change standards for diversity and representation in Hollywood?

It’s our final Summer of Food conversation, and we sit down with award-winning chefs in our area to discuss if Rochester could be on its way to becoming a food destination. What would it take for Rochester to be the next Charleston, South Carolina?

Our guests weigh in:

  • Art Rogers, chef and owner of Lento, and the only James Beard-nominated chef in Rochester history
  • Derrick DePorter, chef and co-owner of Unter Biergarten

Actress and advocate Cynthia Nixon is running for governor. The Democrat is challenging incumbent Andrew Cuomo. She’ll be in Rochester Friday to meet with voters.

We talk to her about why she’s running for New York’s top seat, and we discuss issues ranging from the economy to healthcare and more. Then, we hear from local Nixon supporters. Our guests:

  • Cynthia Nixon, candidate for New York governor
  • Patrick Coyle, volunteer for the Nixon campaign
  • Charmaine Gettles, volunteer for the Nixon campaign
  • Rohith Palli, volunteer for the Nixon campaign

First hour: New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon

Second hour: Summer of Food - How can Rochester become the next Charleston, South Carolina?

We often hear about the science and research behind climate change, but an upcoming event in Rochester will focus on how people in our community are personally impacted by global warming.

During the Rise for a Resilient Rochester event, area residents will share personal stories of climate change impacts and solutions with city, state, and federal leaders.

We get a preview of the event this hour with our guests: 

  • David Alicea, New York lead organizer of the Sierra Club
  • Hridesh Singh, student at Brighton High School and director of communications for the Climate Club
  • Erika Jones, systems advocate at the Center for Disability Rights

National news outlets are reporting that Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte is back for the season. It's called trend journalism and its generating free advertising for the corporate giant. Is that fair? Is it journalism?

This hour, we discuss the ethics of trend and calendar journalism and how they impact consumers and small businesses. And yes, we discuss whether pumpkin spice lattes are any good. In studio:


First hour: Discussing the ethics of trend journalism

Second hour: How climate change affects us every day

In a recent post for the Urban Phoenix, blogger Arian Horbovetz wrote about how the impermanence and flexibility of urban centers are drawing more residents, especially millennials. He says young Americans are seeking out apartments, shared public spaces, food trucks, and mobile tech over homes in the suburbs, traditional restaurants, and office jobs.

What does the data say about the so-called city vs. suburb horse race? A Brookings Institute report shows a trend toward a renewed suburban advantage. But that data is nuanced and there are questions and issues to consider like total population growth vs. urban growth booms within cities, zoning laws, and more.

So, do Americans want to live in cities? Our guests weigh in:

Governor Andrew Cuomo found himself in political hot water two weeks ago when he said America “was never that great.” Cuomo made the comment during a speech about gender equality. His remarks drew and audible response from the crowd, and pushback from President Trump. Cuomo was referring to discrimination against women, saying “We have not reached greatness. We will reach greatness when every American is fully engaged.” His office later tried to clarify the remarks.

So what do people in the activist community think about America’s “greatness” – or perceived “greatness?” We’ll discuss our country’s history and activists’ fight for equal rights. Our guests:


First hour: Is America great?

Second hour: Discussing the city vs. suburb horse race