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First hour: Discussing the future of classical music

Second hour: Author Dubravka Ugresic and her book, American Fictionary

We have a conversation about judge Brett Kavanaugh and the Raise the Age campaign. Advocates for raising the age of criminal responsibility have wanted 18 to be the age for adult criminal responsibility. Now, some defenders of Kavanaugh say you cannot support raising the age and also want to hold him accountable for what he may have done when he was 17.

Our panel discusses it. In studio:

A photo of the dress code posted at the bar Murphy’s Law on East Avenue has gone viral. While the owners say the policy was put in place nine years ago and reflects other dress codes in the area, many community members say it’s discriminatory.

The policy states that after 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays anyone wearing a number of items – including bandannas or do-rags, camo, or Timberland work boots – is not allowed in the bar.

When someone posted a photo of the policy on Facebook, it led to a debate over whether the policy has racist overtones. Our guests weigh in:

First hour: The debate over the dress code at Murphy's Law

Second hour: Discussing Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the Raise the Age campaign

The World Affairs Council of Rochester kicks off its new season of speakers with a conversation about Mexico's evolving criminal landscape. There has been a great deal of news coverage of Mexican gangs, spurred by the White House.

Dr. Eric Olson is Deputy Director of the Latin American Program and Senior Advisor to the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. His work focuses on the impacts of violence and organized crime on democratic governance. Dr. Olson is our guest for the hour. 

A new list of "25 dying professions you should avoid" has gone viral, and it's generating conversations about the occupations listed. While it may not seem surprising that door-to-door salesperson is on the list, do you think lawyer should have been included? What about mortgage broker, travel agent, or IT expert? This hour, we talk to professionals whose careers (or former careers) are on the list. Our guests:

First hour: Discussing "dying" professions

Second hour: Dr. Eric Olson on Mexico's evolving criminal landscape

Research shows that when they go out for a drink, Americans – especially millennials – are more likely to order wine or cocktails over beer. Why? Many consumers say wine and spirits taste better, cost less, and are healthier.

The news has the beer industry taking on new strategies to grow and maintain its customer base. Will those strategies work? This hour, we discuss if the decline in beer consumption is a trend, if beer has a marketing problem, and what the future of the alcoholic beverage industry looks like. Our guests:

The Catholic Church is struggling with more allegations of sexual abuse and a widening scandal. Some Catholic writers have called it a civil war within the church.

So how can the church heal? Will members stay throughout the storm? Our guests weigh in:

  • Timothy Thibodeau, Ph.D., professor of history at Nazareth College
  • Nora Bradbury-Haehl, author, interfaith youth worker, and Catholic writer
  • Nancy Rourke, Ph.D., professor of religious studies and theology at Canisius College, and former director of the College’s Catholic Studies program

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First hour: Is there a civil war within the Catholic church?

Second hour: Why more Americans are choosing wine and spirits over beer