WXXI Open House Draws Thousands Of Visitors

Sep 24, 2016

Nearly 5,000 people came through the doors of the WXXI studios in Rochester on Saturday, for the Open House that is held here on State Street every two years.

They got a chance to meet the people who put together the programs you see and listen to every day, and some of the most popular attractions at the event were PBS characters like Curious George, Elmo and Nature Cat.

One visitor Jenny Giessler says it was fun for the adults also.

“Oh my gosh to see everything that you hear or see on TV and the radio and to see how it happens and how you make it work, I think it’s great. “

Kim Edmond of Greece brought her nine year old daughter Haley with her, and Kim says the whole experience was educational as well as being fun.

“We really enjoyed the studio, she loved the STEM, she got to build something with gum drops and see the structural support, so it was a lot of fun doing the hands-on activities, this was neat being able to open up your studios, we appreciate it.”

Activities also included a presentation from the Wild Wings organization which cares for injured birds of prey.

The Open House took on some special significance this year because we are also celebrating the 50th anniversary of WXXI.

Here's a video put together by WXXI's Denise Young: