Vietnam Veterans Memorial Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Sep 11, 2016

Credit http://www.rochestervietnammemorial.org/

Local Veterans Commemorated the 20th Anniversary of the Greater Rochester Vietnam Veterans Memorial Saturday afternoon.

The event recognizes the many lives that have been touched since its inception in 1996.

Chuck Macaluso, President of the Board for the Memorial, said it’s a place for not only Vietnam veterans, but all veterans to gather.

"Work on their thoughts, cause everyday many of us return to that, you don’t forget something that’s that traumatic in your life. So it’s a place to go and reflect."

The names of the local soldiers killed in action or designated missing during the Vietnam War are represented on 280 bollards throughout the memorial. The monuments include each soldiers name and high school.

Macaluso said that connection also makes the memorial a good place for children to learn a bit about history.

"When you take kids on tour they can relate. If you have a group from Hilton, they’ll see individuals from Hilton High School who gave their life during the Vietnam War."

He thinks this onsite interaction is important to get kids engaged, and recognize the historical significance of the memorial.

"Reading a book is not the same as having a few veterans in front of you that could tell you what it was like back then. And the difference between what it was like then, and what it is now to be in the service."

The Greater Rochester Vietnam Veterans Memorial is located in Highland Park.