UR organization wants more student representation in policy making

Sep 25, 2017

Credit Meliora Movement Facebook

A new group on the University of Rochester campus wants to pick up where recent protests have left off.

The Meliora Movement says it wants to pressure the university to take preventative rather than retroactive measures to ensure that all voices at the school are represented.

Laura Cowie-Haskell is part of the movement and said after following the events surrounding Florian Jaeger and the way the school handled alleged sexual harassment accusations, it was time to speak up.

"A lot of us have just been frustrated with the way that they've been handling things over the past years so we decided that we're going to hold them accountable for our motto Meliora which means Ever Better."

She says they believe more student representation is needed in higher forums such as the board of trustees.

"I think just having the voices of students who are actually experiencing the way that these policies affect people will be a system of checks and balances."

The group says it wants to make the University the “uplifting, safe, and educational home it is supposed to be.”

Supporters of the Meliora Movement are wearing yellow and blue ribbons to "reclaim the University" and stand with one other in holding the institution accountable.

A vigil is planned for October 12th at 8pm, the Thursday before Meliora Weekend, to unify members of the student body who feel they have been forgotten.