UberEats now delivering food in Rochester

Nov 28, 2017

Credit Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

Fans of food delivery now have another option for takeout.

UberEats launches Tuesday in Rochester.

The food service is a separate app from Uber used for ridesharing, but uses the same account on both platforms. Whenever you order take out, an Uber driver in the area can claim the order and bring it to your house.

Spokesperson for UberEats, Danielle Filson said it is the future of delivery.

"I think it’s all about the convenience these days. People love just being able to push a button and get food, no need to talk to someone on the phone, no need to say your credit card number over the phone. It’s all electronic, it’s really easy."

UberEats charges a $5.99 booking fee for each order made, and tipping is available in the app as well.

Peter Kelderhouse has been driving for Uber since the day it was available in Rochester, he said having the extra work will benefit drivers.

"You’re driving around, sitting somewhere and you’re not getting a call for a rider, this adds to that. So I imagine our downtimes will be a lot less."

Some restaurants on the app are offering delivery for the first time in the area.

Rochester is the third city in Upstate New York to offer the UberEats option.