TSA preparing for record breaking summer at ROC

Jun 20, 2018

Credit tsa.gov

Expect the nation's airports, including the Greater Rochester International Airport, to be very busy this summer.

Spokesperson with the Transportation Security Administration, Lisa Farbstein, says nationally, TSA will screen around 243 million passengers and crew this year between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

She says they normally screen around 4,000 passengers a day at Rochester's airport, but they expect to see 10 percent more during the summer, or 4,300 passengers a day.

So travelers should arrive well before their scheduled flight.

The TSA says it knows the terror threat is real, and TSA officers are focused on security, with the number one goal of getting travelers to their destination safely.Credit wxxi photoEdit | Remove

"We're advising people to get to Rochester's airport 90 minutes before they're flight.  It's going to be a little more challenging to finding a parking space, and checking in at the airline checking counters, and that's even before you get to the checkpoint, itself,"  she said.

Farbstein says travelers should double check to make sure they don't have any prohibited items in their personal belongings or their carry-on bag.

"If you're not sure, we have an app for that.  It's free, it's downloadable.  It's called MyTSA and it's got a little function, can I bring my...you type in the item, it lets you know right away whether you can put it in your checked bag, your carryon bag, either or neither," she said.

TSA officials remind travelers that the terror threat is real, and the goal for TSA officers is to get people to their destination safely, and home safely, so there are many safety protocols in place.

Farbstein advises travelers to visit tsa.gov for the latest on security measures at the airport.