St. John's Home residents celebrate women's suffrage

Nov 6, 2017

Credit St. John's

The 100th anniversary of women's suffrage was celebrated at St. John’s Home in Rochester Monday afternoon.

The event featured three reenactors, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth and Susan B. Anthony sharing stories from the suffrage era.

Leslie Buzzell is a therapeutic recreation specialist at the facility, she planned the event remembering a presentation on women’s rights she once did and a resident who spoke up.

"And of course I touched on Susan B. Anthony, and she pipes up she says Oh Susan B! I used to go to her porch and have cookies when I was a kid! And I said what?!"

That resident grew up on Madison Street, a few houses down from what is now the Susan B Anthony House and Museum.

Buzzell said some people at St. John's were born just after the amendment was passed, and it’s important to preserve their stories.

June Store, a resident there reflected how women’s rights have changed through the years.

"They didn’t voice opinions, they didn’t have opinions, everything was said by the men. So to see how far we've come in what women are doing and what women in politics are doing, I think it just gives us - maybe there is hope yet."

Credit St. John's

Store said she's grateful for the advice that her mother gave her daughter. She told her she could be whatever she wanted.

"And I was always a little..I wish she hadn’t said that as much - because you can’t be! I mean you really couldn’t be in some things. But she was right. And my daughter, good thing listened to her and not me. She went all out and she’s in politics now."

Store's daughter is a lobbyist.