St John Fisher College hosts high-rise fire drill

Jun 10, 2018

Haffey Hall
Credit St. John Fisher College

St. John Fisher teamed up with the Brighton Fire Department and other county responding agencies to conduct a high-rise simulated fire drill Sunday.

Al Camp, the Fire and Life Safety Officer at the College said they want to make sure area agencies would be able to help in case of an emergency.

“Due to the fact of the magnitude of a high rise fire, you’ll need multiple companies with aerials and baskets and labor."

The drill included volunteer fire fighters acting on students on the third floor of Haffey Hall, as well as the roof.

Camp says high rise fires are unique in that they require an excessive amount of physical exertion before you even get to the fire.

"Typically between your bunker gear, bottle and equipment you have to bring with you, you’re carrying about 60 to 80 pounds."

St. John Fisher has two high-rise dorms on campus.