Smoking still an issue in movies for children

Mar 28, 2018

local smoke free media movie screening
Credit Joseph Potter / Reality Check of Monroe County

Groups around the country are calling on Hollywood to stop putting smoking scenes in kid’s movies.

Reality Check, which is a division of the Smoking and Health Action Coalition of Monroe County has been holding events at local libraries with smoke free movies to get more parents engaged.

Joseph Potter is the Youth Manager of Reality Check and says some people are surprised that smoking in kid’s movies is still as common as it is.

The movie Rango, which came out in 2011 has over 60 smoking scenes in it.

"And parents who have seen it didn’t realize it but then when we talk about it they think back and are like yeah, it did have a lot of smoking."

He says that at such a young age, kids are still influenced by what they see on screen.

"Studies show that smoking on screen kills in real life. So when kids see smoking in movies or on television shows, it kind of normalizes it. And then they’re more likely to try it themselves later on in life."

Potter says they would ultimately like to see all smoking scenes cut from kid’s films, or have those movies with smoking changed to an R rating.