Slaughter's 6x6 art contribution won't be for sale

Mar 24, 2018

On the long list of Congresswoman Louise Slaughter's accomplishments is one that many might not have known about, 6x6 art contributor.

Bleu Cease, Executive Director at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center says Slaughter contributed to the downtown art project almost every year, but they were especially touched to find her latest submission last week after her passing.

The piece is split between two images of the Rochester train station, half being a photo of the newest renovations and half of the original station. Text across the images reads "Memory of the old and rejoicing in the new."

"Everyone knew that was a major, flagship project for her. So it was great to open up this envelope and find an image that we can remember her with."

Cease says Slaughter, like other artists would visit the 6x6 exhibit looking for her artwork on the wall, and that it was a wonderful way to get to know the congresswoman

Most 6x6 pieces are sold by the end of the exhibit, but Cease says they don’t plan on selling this one.

"Yea that doesn’t seem really appropriate. But we'll install it in the exhibition and we're open to suggestions of other placements for it if there was someone who would like to install it permanently somewhere."

This year’s 6x6 exhibit opens June 2nd.