Seneca Park Zoo welcomes 2 new sea lions

Nov 12, 2017

Credit Seneca Park Zoo/Facebook

The Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester has two new sea lions. Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo made the announcement on Sunday.

She says that two, one-year-old female California sea lions, Daley and Mary Lou, were born at Sea World Orlando, and were successfully transferred to the Seneca Park Zoo earlier this month.

They join two other sea lions at the local zoo, Lilly and Bob.

Zoo officials say the integration of the new sea lions into the habitat has gone well. “California sea lions are by nature, a social species,” according to Seneca Park Zoo Director Larry Sorel. “After a carefully managed integration period, Lily, Bob, Daley and Mary Lou all appear to be getting along quite well.”

Three sea lions died at the zoo last year, but officials have said that experts who reviewed  the situation said the deaths did not result from problems with the sea lions’ care.

Daley and Mary Lou are now on exhibit in the zoo’s Rocky Coasts habitat.