School budget votes and board elections to be held Tuesday

May 14, 2018

Credit marc jacops / freeimages.com

Residents of Monroe County suburbs will be among those across New York State hitting the polls Tuesday to vote on school budgets and board of education members.

Sherry Johnson, the executive director of the Monroe County School Board Association, says voter turnout has decreased over the years since the tax cap was implemented.

"Without any kind of scientific evidence, you could either have the conclusion that people believe the tax cap is working, or in Monroe County you could say that because communities are happy that the way schools are running, and the quality of education that the students are getting that perhaps they don’t feel compelled to come out."

She says being an informed voter regardless of the election is important and that if you want to support a school district, you should get out and vote.

"Understand not just the budget, and what the tax levy is and how is that going to affect their individual tax rates, but understand what else is also on the ballot besides board members; there’s many propositions for buses, there’s propositions for capital project improvements, there's propositions for land acquisition."

Johnson says a number of diverse candidates for board seats are running across the county as well. She says she's always excited when people want to step up and become board members.