Scholars' Day at MCC shares students' original research

Apr 11, 2018

Monroe Community College’s 10th annual Scholars' Day is taking place Wednesday and Saturday.

The event gives students the opportunity to share original research, and possibly take home some scholarship money.

Rosanna Yule, assistant director of Marketing and Communications at MCC, says it shows that this kind of work can come from community colleges.

"Some people don’t regard community colleges as a place where original research happens, or where students can get that opportunity to pursue that. It really helps our students as they plan to transfer on to four year programs."

$25,000 in scholarships money is up for grabs, with prize sizes varying. The top prize is $1,500.

This year in addition to original research, students are also presenting new business ideas for Rochester.

Presentations are free and open to the public, they continue at the MCC Brighton Campus on Saturday.